Top 5 affiliate program websites for online business

Affiliate marketing has made a remarkable space in today’s click-n-get world. Things have all accumulated on internet let that be buying or selling of any product or service. Overcoming the traditional ways of marketing affiliate marketing has become an emerging online money making platform. Let us understand the concept of Affiliate marketing in broader sense. Before Starting Top 5 affiliate program websites for online business we first Know what is Affiliate Marketing.


Affiliate marketing, An introduction!!


Affiliate marketing is revenue of sharing practice between the merchants and the owner of the website, or in other words we can say that it is a practice in which business gets one or more Partners for every visitor. The owner of the website helps the merchant by placing his ad on the website all intended to help the seller in sale of his products or services or to share his website traffic with the merchant through the ad.


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How to be part of Affiliate marketing?


For a series of new comers who are planning to be a part of this wide business arena, this question is the most haunted part of their lives. There are various ways to turn this haunt into a earning badge; it can be done through Creating content, Posting Links of the merchant or through hosting advertisement.  Making it brief we can say that making money through affiliate marketing can be done through three ways namely;


  • Pay per click: It allows the individual to earn when his website visitor clicks on the link which further leads him to merchant’s website. This could be through a banner ad, a link or a video by clicking which he automatically gets directed to the merchant’s website and the affiliate gets paid for it.


  • Pay per sale: This one is a step ahead to the previous one. Under this strategy the affiliate will earn only when the merchant will get a sale through a visitor visiting by clicking on an advertisement posted on affiliate’s site. This one is a little risky as it involves efforts from both. On one side it requires traffic of the affiliated website an ad so posted while on other side merchant’s product or service should be convincing enough. Further based on total sale through the potential customers dragged through his website he gets some percentage or as commission.


  • Pay per lead: In this the potential client need to register at the merchant’s website for placing an advertisement on the affiliate’s account and this is how the affiliate earns some money.



How far can you go in Affiliate Marketing?

The rising need of affiliate marketing has brought up a series of service providers. Affiliate marketing gives you an option to decide your pay. The best part of being an affiliate marketer is you do not have a boss to pinch you for work dead lines. Let us with the help of Image below scrutinize pros and cons of affiliate marketing:



Here is Top 5 affiliate program websites for online business :

If this is what you want to know and then work with the best in market, worked out thoroughly on them and prepared this list of 5 affiliate program websites for online business, which can provide merchant of any product or service a good number of potential clients. They are:


shineads affiliate program


If You have a Website and you have no idea which Affiliate Network you choose , then Here is a Solution for You. is First “Pay Per Visit” Network who are Paying to their Publishers on Per Visits on their Ads.They are Like Pay Per Click,but Little bit Different from them. In PPC Network You will only gets earnings on Clicks and If Someone Do Bad Clicks then there is Always Fear of Account Disabling.

I got My Account Disabled by Google Adsense After Reaching $100 due to these Bad Clicks.

But in PPV Network you can Redirect your Traffic to Affiliate Link and you will get payout. It doesn’t Matter Visitor Purchased their product or not. is a Unique concept which is Highly Used now a days. It is a simple technique to Pay Affiliates in a New Manner.

Shineads Network having 5000+ Publishers Registered and Still emerging with such a nice Idea.





Google is already serving the online business community offering innovative affiliate network. Putting comparatively well with its newly launched ad sense program. Though it’s a new venture of Google but it

  • Succeeded in providing many topnotch affiliate products
  • Helps to generate good amount of money.
  • Providing comparatively great earning source for its users across the globe
  • Unimpeachable ad sense tool.



: Commenced in the year 1998 it holds the credit of being one of the trend setters in affiliate marketing. This is one of the

  • Most popular affiliate programs in the online marketing directory.
  • In the year 2003 it got acquired by value click
  • Still holds the same goodwill created by commission junction since the year 1998.




 Joining the league in the year 2000 Share a sale has become one of the highly recommended affiliate programs, when one seeks to make money online. Being an established network, it

  • Flawlessly provides impeccable technology and service with a commendable quality and integrity
  • Keeping in its shed over 2500 products and around 2000 merchants it holds a remarkable report
  •  Paying promptly on monthly basis. Share a sale not only
  • Provides you best affiliates
  • Recruits new ones to increase the online market indent
  • A good place to start.




Following monthly payment basis link share is one of the oldest affiliate marketing networks. Overcoming the traditional ways and with its innovative ideas it has grown a good online network with its quality services and ultimate results. It also has a reporting system and a flawlessly personalized interface which helps them to track the sales and work in online market without any major glitches.




The above mentioned Top 5 affiliate program websites for online business are those few from the ocean of affiliate marketing who are providing unmatched services sustainably. Other than these Affiliates like Peerfly, Clicksor, Bounty, clickbank etc are also one of the leading affiliate networks in online marketing.

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