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Ripple lazy load effect is used to increase visualization of your page.Ripple jquery scrolling effect enables your page to boost your graphics instantly.Ripple Lazy load plugin is having 23 effects of jQuery Lazy Scrolling effects. These effects are used to boost visualization of your website. Now a days many websites are using these effects in their website through html css and jquery. Ripple Lazy load plugin is the first ever made plugin made for scrolling effects in wordpress.

You can Use these effects on any Post , Page or Editor. For Developers we created a special shortcode through which developers can place effect on any PHP code or Div .Using this plugin is very simple, you have to just paste your code inside the shortcode and effect will work instantly. Where Can I Use This Plugin ?

Scroll Down to To See Effects List

Please Scroll down to footer to see Ripple effects on PHP Code , Post / Editor. We have used Ripple effects on Footer and Posts to prove that our effects works everywhere.

Easy To Implement

Ripple Wordpress Plugin is very easy to use. You have use the generated shortcode just like any HTML tag. We are sure you will definitely love this plugin. More

List of All Ripple Effects